System Monitoring 24/7

Our subsidiary, New Protect, offers this service to continuously monitor alarm and security systems, especially in the Retail sector. Our Event Management Center provides round-the-clock surveillance, ensuring safety and quick response.

Service highlights

Constant Vigilance

Continuous monitoring ensures immediate detection of any anomalies.

Expert Support

Immediate technical support is available via our hotline.

Peace of Mind

Know that your systems are under expert surveillance 24/7.

Our process


Step 1

System Integration

We connect your security systems to our monitoring centre.

Step 2

24/7 Monitoring

We provide continuous surveillance by our expert operators.

Step 3

Immediate Response

We take quick action on any alerts or anomalies detected.

Step 4

Technical Support

We offer a direct line to our technical support team for any issues.

Step 5

Regular Updates

We ensure you stay informed with regular reports and updates.


Our work

Our previous

System Monitoring 24/7


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Do you provide customized reports?

Yes, we offer tailored reports, giving you insights into system performance, potential vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement.

How quickly can I expect a response in case
of an alert?

With 24/7 monitoring, our team responds immediately to any alerts, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum system efficiency.

What systems can Commhaven monitor?

From security systems to IT infrastructure, our expert operators can monitor a wide range of systems, ensuring optimal performance and swift response to anomalies.