IoT & Embedded Development

While Embedded Development focuses on creating specialised solutions for specific devices, IoT connects these devices, creating a centralised intelligent system. Together, they revolutionise how devices communicate and function.

Service highlights

Smart Integration

Connect devices for centralised control and data collection.

Custom Solutions

Tailored embedded systems for specific device requirements.


Stay ahead with maintenance plans and regular updates.

Our process


Step 1

Technical Audit

We assess the existing system and its capabilities.

Step 2

Integration Planning

We design a roadmap for integrating with the current system.

Step 3

Hardware Recommendations

We suggest potential hardware changes if necessary.

Step 4

Product Integration

We seamlessly integrate our solutions with your system.

Step 5

Maintenance Plan

We ensure the longevity and efficiency of the integrated systems.


Our work

Our previous

IoT & Embedded Development


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Smart Headsets for Employees

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IoT & Embedded Development
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Can existing devices be integrated into new
IoT solutions?

Yes, our expertise lies in integrating both new and existing devices, creating a cohesive and efficient IoT ecosystem.

How do you ensure the security of IoT devices?

Security is paramount. We implement robust security protocols, from device to cloud, ensuring data integrity and protection against threats.

What industries can benefit from IoT solutions?

At Commhaven, we believe IoT has vast potential across sectors, from retail and healthcare to manufacturing and agriculture. Our solutions are tailored to address specific industry challenges and opportunities.