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With thousands of locations and multi-tiered management structures, large retail chains require a centralized system to manage data and technology.

Xaris is a brand specializing in automation across various sectors, including Retail, Petrol, and HoReCa.

Together with Xaris, , we are working with the biggest chains in CEE to achieve this goal through effective communication of the employees with different FMCG systems.

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The Challenge

One of the primary systems integrated with Xaris is the headset system for employees. On-site FMCG systems, such as coffee machines, ovens, grills, BMS systems (temperature, humidity), and cash register systems, often require an employee's attention.

To ensure that employees receive notifications directly on their headsets without broadcasting them to customers, seamless integration of all these systems with the headsets was imperative.

Commhaven's Solution

Recognizing that neither the headset system nor the other systems for integration were "smart" devices with ready APIs, the challenge required a unique approach involving Embedded Development and R&D.

The process involved creating a repeatable method for capturing notifications, collecting them in the central Xaris system, structuring them, and then sending only the relevant ones to the respective employee's headset.

Commhaven brand blocks illustration

Project Process

Integration Phase

Connect the headset system to the central management system and test based on sample notifications.

External System Integration

Each external system, like a coffee machine signalling a shortage of coffee, required a unique approach as many notifications weren't digitally accessible.


Prolonged testing phases ensured repeatable results.

Centralized Notification Management

All notifications are analyzed and structured in the central Xaris system, which then filters and forwards only the relevant ones to the headset system.


As a result, there was no need to configure each external store system separately with the headsets.

As soon, as different devices were sending all their notifications to one central place in the cloud, they could easily be sent to different headsets.

Depending on the solution's needs,  new functionalities could be flexibly integrated.

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