MVP Development

MVP Development focuses on creating a stripped-down version of your product, emphasising core functionalities.
It's about bringing your product to market quickly and cost-effectively, allowing for real-world testing and feedback.

Service highlights

Speed to Market

Launch your product faster by focusing on essential features.

Cost Efficiency

Save resources by developing a lean version of your product.

Feedback Loop

Test your product in real-world scenarios and gather valuable user feedback.

Our process


Step 1

Sprint Planning

We define sprints and break down tasks.

Step 2

Status Meetings

Regular check-ins to discuss goals, progress, and adjustments.

Step 3

Sprint Reports

We document the outcomes of each sprint.

Step 4


We work closely with the client's PM or provide our own (if needed).

Step 5


We deliver comprehensive documentation of the entire process.


Our work

Our previous

MVP Development


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How long does it take to develop an MVP?

The timeline varies based on complexity and features. However, our agile approach ensures a swift development process, allowing you to test your idea in the market sooner.

How do you decide which features to include
in the MVP?

We collaborate closely with you, prioritizing features based on business goals, user needs, and market demands, ensuring the MVP delivers maximum value.

What is the purpose of an MVP?

At Commhaven, we see the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) as a strategic tool to launch a product with essential features quickly, gather user feedback, and iterate. It's about validating your idea in the real market with minimal risk.