Problem Definition

Problem Definition is our systematic approach to understanding and dissecting challenges. We delve deep to answer: What's the issue? Why is it an issue? How can we address it? And, from a technical standpoint, is it feasible?

Service highlights

Clear Understanding

Gain a comprehensive insight into the core challenges, ensuring targeted solutions.

Informed Decision Making

By understanding the 'why' behind the problem, you can make decisions that align with your business goals.

Technical Feasibility

Ensure that the proposed solutions are effective and technically viable.

Our process


Step 1

Brief Creation

We craft a detailed brief of the problem, ensuring we capture its essence.

Step 2

Brainstorming Solutions

We engage in collaborative brainstorming sessions, exploring potential solutions.

Step 3

Technical Team Consultation

Our technical experts weigh in, ensuring the feasibility and viability of proposed solutions.

Step 4

Final Technical Brief

We conclude with a comprehensive technical brief that outlines business, strategic, and technical assumptions.

Step 5


Our work

Our previous

Problem Definition


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Is this step necessary for every project?

While it's not mandatory, defining the problem clearly can significantly streamline the subsequent stages of development, ensuring alignment with your business goals.

How does this service differ from others?

At Commhaven, we delve deep to understand your business's core challenges. We answer the "what", "why", and "how" of the problem, ensuring a clear direction for solution development.

What exactly does the "Problem Definition"
service entail?

Our "Problem Definition" service is the foundation of our approach. Before diving into solutions, we ensure we fully grasp the challenge, setting the stage for effective and tailored solutions.