Innovative Management for Autonomous Stores leveraging IoT and a smart interface

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The retail industry is undergoing a significant shift with the emergence of autonomous stores. Our client, a leading operator of autonomous convenience grocery stores in Europe, aimed to be at the forefront of this change.

With projections indicating the global retail store automation market could exceed USD 23 billion by 2026, the focus on fully autonomous "convenience stores" has intensified. Positioned in strategic locations like train stations, these stores aim to provide a 24-hour shopping experience while minimizing operational costs, especially personnel-related. However, ensuring seamless human operations in such automated settings presented unique challenges.

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The Challenge

Scaling was a significant concern. Store managers were overwhelmed with the volume of work. Issues arose with monitoring critical systems like refrigerators and Point Of Sale (POS) systems. The challenge was to ensure that the autonomous technology harmonized with the periodic visits by employees without requiring multiple technical personnel's involvement.

Commhaven's Solution

Taking this unique challenge, Commhaven developed a mobile application that connected with all essential store systems and facilitated employee visit planning. This solution was not just about managing operations but scaling them. By leveraging cloud data processing and a mobile application interface, we ensured rapid, centralized data processing and the integration of any number of new systems fast.

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Project Process

Initial Collaboration & MVP Development

Creation of the first version of the application, focusing on key functionalities.

Integration of Essential Systems

Connection with vital store systems and planning of employee visits.

Data Processing & Mobile Interface

Cloud-based data processing with a mobile application as the primary interface.

Incremental Feature Additions

Continuous addition of functionalities to enhance store operations.

Predictive Maintenance Implementation

Introduction of smart predictive maintenance algorithms for inventory and system checks.


The mobile application transformed the way the client's stores operated. Employees no longer had to contact multiple individuals during a visit. Remote monitoring of various store systems minimized unnecessary visits.

The application allowed for immediate reporting in case of malfunctions requiring a technician. Furthermore, the introduction of intelligent Predictive Maintenance algorithms could foresee inventory shortages and optimize visit costs.

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