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Let's make it clear: effective communication between employees is integral. A prominent petrol and retail chain striving for better customer service recognized the need to enhance its communication infrastructure. They searched for a solution that would seamlessly integrate with their on-going store environment.

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The Challenge

Many employees didn't have access to company phones, and the use of personal devices was strictly off-limits. This limitation often led to inefficient workflows. For instance, when a customer had a query, employees would physically search for colleagues or check the inventory, leaving the customer waiting.

This resulted in time wastage and added physical strain on the staff. On average, an employee would clock in a staggering 12-18k steps during an 8-hour shift, leading to unnecessary fatigue.

The objective was evident: to introduce a communication system facilitating instant, clear, and hands-free communication, ultimately increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Commhaven's Solution

Grasping the distinct challenges and needs of the retail chain, Commhaven recommended the deployment of advanced headset systems. These weren't mere communication tools but a means to redefine the store's operational dynamics. Communication became instantaneous, clear, and hands-free, allowing staff to focus on tasks while staying connected. The systems integrated seamlessly with the store's existing infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition.

Commhaven brand blocks illustration

Project Process

Initial Consultation & Site Analysis

Understand the client's needs and assess the site's current infrastructure.

Blueprint & Signal Reach Audit

Use property blueprints for integration design and conduct live signal measurements for optimal device placement.

Hardware Selection & Dual-Line Implementation

Choose the necessary hardware from on-site audit and decide on which headsets need to be connected with each other.

System Integration & Staff Training

Integrate the new communication system and train staff for proficiency.

Ongoing Monitoring & Adjustments

Regularly check system efficiency and make necessary adjustments based on actual usage.


As a result, employees would walk a mere 2 000 steps less and save 30 min of time at every shift. For a larger location with two shifts at 8 employees each, it meant a saving of a whole full-time position every month!

Unique dual-line solutions were introduced in specific sites like gas stations with attached restaurants, streamlining communication between cashiers, fuel attendants, and kitchen staff. This strategic segmentation of communication channels further enhanced efficiency, ensuring that only relevant parties were involved in specific conversations.

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